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Our Tips for a Successful Online Team Event
 | by Caro  | published under  Blog posts

It's been 10 months since the GameDuell family left its headquarters and many of us are missing the office. 

5 Tips for Online Events Plays for the Planet
 | by Serge und Alina  | published under  Blog posts

In August, took part in the “Playing for the Planet” initiative, a program supported by the United Nations Environment Program. Alongside major players in the world of mobile gaming and as part of the Green Mobile Game Jam, joined a week-long challenge to inform players of climate change-related topics. plays for the planet

Behind the Scenes: People & Culture
 | by Caro, Chi und Alina  | published under  Blog posts

Drum roll, on your mark, and open the curtain for the next team in our Behind the Scenes series… People & Culture!

Behind the scenes: People & Culture

Behind the Scenes: The Art & Graphics Team
 | by Kristina und Alina  | published under  GameDuell

What comes to your mind when you hear art and graphics? Colorful spaces with brushes and paint everywhere? Or huge pen tablets, magic image editing software, and piles of notes and sketches? To give you a proper impression, we asked our Art & Graphics Team how their work life as creative beings looks like.


Behind the scenes: The Art & Graphics Team

Diversity - What Does This Mean for You?
 | by Alina  | published under  Blog posts

One year ago, we signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” to strengthen and deepen our practice of being an inclusive and international company even more. We can already proudly say, that with 26 nationalities, 130 team members with multicultural backgrounds, and an open-minded team, we all have one big thing in common: 


We accept everyone for who they are!


Diversity - What does this mean for you?

Bringing People Together to Have a Good Time! How Does This Work Right Now? (Part Two)
 | by Alina  | published under  Blog posts

Yesterday, we told you how life in home office is right now and what measures we are taking to bring the team closer together. Since we are probably not the only ones trying to cope with this situation as well as possible, we thought we could share our learnings from the past weeks with you. Maybe there are some suggestions that could work for you too. So today we would like to share our golden tips that we gathered for you, to have a good work-life balance and to master your job interview.

Bringing people together to have a good time! How does this work right now? (Part two)

Bringing People Together to Have a Good Time! How Does This Work Right Now? (Part One)
 | by Alina  | published under  Blog posts

Especially in times like these, it is very important to keep focused and remind ourselves of our mission: “Bringing people together to have a good time with games”. But does it only work with games? - NO! If we have learned one thing from our time in isolation, it’s that virtual meetings via video call are not only there for keeping everybody updated, they are also a lot of fun. Whether we meet virtually to do yoga in our team members' garden, have our kids pull a face, or we totally fail at singing birthday songs, even with a karaoke tool, we always do it with a smile on our face and a good laugh.
Bringing people together to have a good time! How does this work right now? (Part one)

Supported Spielehaus e.V. and Jugendhaus Kiwi with Our Christmas Donations in 2019
 | by Alina  | published under  Charity

Four months ago, it was time for our yearly Christmas donation. 

We always try to find initiatives and organizations with a playful aspect in order to light up some people's lives. This time we decided to support two wonderful organizations… drum roll…

Jugendhaus Kiwi and Spielehaus e.V..


Supported Spielehaus e.V. and Jugendhaus Kiwi with our Christmas donations in 2019