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Behind the Scenes: Office Team
| by Alina | published under GameDuell

The first  people to greet us when we enter our GameDuell office and the last ones we wave goodbye to at the end of the day are the lovely ladies on our office team. They’ve certainly acquired some superpowers in order to master our daily office trouble. However, we only see a small fraction of their support for us every day. So let's take a look behind the scenes to see what we would be missing without them.


Behind the Scenes: Office Team

Playing for Tolerance
| by Mathias | published under GameDuell

Games thrive on fair interaction in which everyone has an equal chance. Playing connects people and everyone at a game table is equal, no matter their age, gender, origin, or beliefs.


Everyone is entitled to have a good time.


This can also be applied to life away from the gaming tables. Everybody should be able to have a good time and feel valued.


That's why GameDuell supports the statement "Playing for Tolerance".


Playing for Tolerance

Behind the Scenes: Green Team
| by Mathias und Alina | published under GameDuell

From the very beginning, Charity@GameDuell was a top priority for our company and we still maintain this long-standing tradition to this day. But as we have grown, so have our opportunities and desire to make a difference. That is why we founded our Green Team in 2009. In addition to our charity projects, the Green Team takes care of all topics related to the sustainability of GameDuell.


Behind the Scenes: Green Team

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team
| by Alina | published under GameDuell

Our UX Research & Design Team has a lot of fun at GameDuell and in their daily work interactions - we can clearly see why. The 2 UX Researchers, Game Designer, and Product Designer have established a great collaboration through their amazing in-depth knowledge and a good friendship that has grown over time. We are sure the international aspect of the team also creates an exciting environment, because North-Macedonian, Norwegian, American, and German cultures are coming together here.


Usually there are 3 great minds behind UXR, do you want to be the missing third musketeer? #jobs


Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

Christmas is the Time for Giving!
| by Alina | published under Charity

Here at GameDuell, we don’t just want to build a long-term successful and sustainable company, but also contribute to a better world for everyone. So many of our team members were in the giving mood this past holiday season and donated their annual Christmas present to a charity.


Our Tips for a Successful Online Team Event
| by Caro | published under Events

It's been 10 months since the GameDuell family left its headquarters and many of us are missing the office. 

5 Tips for Online Events Plays for the Planet
| by Serge und Alina | published under GameDuell

In August, took part in the “Playing for the Planet” initiative, a program supported by the United Nations Environment Program. Alongside major players in the world of mobile gaming and as part of the Green Mobile Game Jam, joined a week-long challenge to inform players of climate change-related topics. plays for the planet

Behind the Scenes: People & Culture
| by Caro, Chi und Alina | published under GameDuell

Drum roll, on your mark, and open the curtain for the next team in our Behind the Scenes series… People & Culture!

Behind the scenes: People & Culture