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Donation to LegaKids

| by Mathias | published under Charity

Part of the GameDuell mission is providing a fun, enjoyable experience to all, and as such, we consider charitable action to be part of our broader mission.

With that in mind, we are excited to contribute once more to the wonderful cause of LegaKids.

Launched in 2004, LegaKids is a free online project which offers a wide range of educational games, videos, and apps to help kids and teens with LRS (reading and spelling difficulties), dyslexia, reading weaknesses, and arithmetic difficulties, and at the same time offers up-to-date information and news for parents, teachers, and therapists.

©LegaKids Stiftung / Jakob Weyde

Donation to Senioren Computer Club Mitte e.V.

| by Mathias | published under Charity

We are happy to enable digital participation for elderly people and increase their competencies and enthusiasm for technology. That’s why we repeatedly support the Senioren Computer Club Berlin (SCC Berlin Mitte) with our donation. Our proceeds help to fund new equipment for the club.

Donation to Senioren Computer Club Mitte e.V.

Donation to wirmachenwelle e.V.

| by Mathias | published under Charity

We are happy that after 2019, we are able to once more support wirmachenwelle e.V. with a donation!

wirmachenwelle (“We make waves”) e.V. brings young people from Germany's cities onto the surfboard and into nature.

© wirmachenwelle e.V.

Welcome to GameDuell! Great to have you with us!

| by Alina | published under GameDuell , Events , Berlin

Building a successful and efficient team includes a great onboarding, integration of new team members and connecting everyone within and across teams. We are delighted with each new team member, making GameDuell better with each addition! As a part of this process, GameDuell established a Newbie Event, to connect our new team members with each other and make them feel welcome and part of the family. So, what exactly do we do at these events? Of course we play and we eat, the best way to get to know each other!


LGBT*I*QA+ workshop recap: Revising the Code - Gender and Sexual Diversity in the context of Gaming

| by Mathias | published under GameDuell

We strive for our culture at GameDuell to allow everyone to express who they are, which enables us to apply our talents, broaden our horizons, and ensure the acceptance and promotion of diversity.

Therefore, and in honor of this year's Pride Month in June, we decided to run a workshop to help us learn, grow, and offer a workplace culture that benefits everyone.

LGBTIQA+ workshop recap

Healthy Minds Training

| by Mathias | published under GameDuell

We wanted to provide our team members with some tools that help us to focus on the positive things, do away with negative thoughts, and make us feel relaxed and relieved, in order to face our day with more lightness, joy and ease, create nice experiences together, and contribute to our company goal which is a positive and fun team spirit!

Healthy Minds Training

Donation to support Save the Children in aid of Ukraine

| by Mathias | published under Charity

We have been deeply moved by the current events in Ukraine. Now, we want to do something in aid of peace and the people struggling during these difficult times. We see a great solidarity with people in Ukraine, who are suffering greatly, and with the people in Russia and Belarus who are courageously protesting against the war.

To help humanitarian workers working in Ukraine and the countries where refugees are fleeing, we have decided to immediately donate 10,000 EUR to the aid organization "Save the Children".

Donation to support Save the Children in aid of Ukraine

Looking back on our donations in 2021

| by Alina | published under Charity

We can all look back on an eventful and also challenging year. The Corona pandemic affected many areas of our lives and made daily life, social networks, and being recognized harder for many people, communities, and organizations. That’s why we had again been looking for fantastic charity organizations that we can support that year. Here are the ones that we donated to at the end of last year.