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A Holiday Special for you at GameDuell
| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

There’s nothing better than the excitement in the days leading up to Christmas! At GameDuell, the festive time of the year is also here: the desks are being decorated, a Christmas tree is brightly shining in the office and almost every day, a colleague brings in some home-made cookies. This year’s Holiday Special couldn’t come at a better time!

Jewel Splash - GameDuell's new online game
| by Jonas | published under News

It’s great when games can take you away to a completely different world, even if only for a couple of minutes. The new game, Jewel Splash, does just that. The game’s a great and unique adventure! Let it take you on an exciting discovery trip deep into the jungle where you will find a mysterious temple ruin.

New iOS game: Cleopatra's Pyramid for mobile
| by Jonas | published under News

Do you like card games? Own an iPhone? Then you should download Cleopatra’s Pyramid! Cleopatra’s Pyramid is a fun and challenging variation of Tri Peaks Solitaire, combining an incredibly easy gameplay with truly beautiful card game artwork and a unique soundtrack.

Gloomy fun at GameDuell: The Halloween Special
| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

Happy Halloween! The eerie occasion that celebrates ghosts, zombies and vampires is a popular event every year in the US! That’s a good enough reason for us to introduce a Halloween Special in a way which we’ve never had before.

New game: GameDuell's Bubble Speed
| by Jonas | published under News

A new, quick-paced variation of the exciting underwater game, Bubble Popp, is now online. Comparing Bubble Speed to Bubble Popp is like comparing scuba diving with a splash around: speed counts – from the very first second!

Water dispensers reduce usage of plastic bottles
| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

At GameDuell we consume 17,000 liters of water per year which equates to 17,000 plastic bottles. However, this is now a thing of the past.

New game: Maya Pyramid goes iOS
| by Jonas | published under News

11 is the new magic number as you’ll find out if you play Maya Pyramid. Maya Pyramid is the second game, after Jungle Jewels, which GameDuell has released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

GameDuell donates more than $12,000 to Amandla Edufootball
| by Jonas | published under Charity

Teaming up for a brighter future: Working together, participants in GameDuell’s Safari Bonus played hard and collected an impressive 10,127 EUR (that’s nearly $13,000). The proceeds are being donated to AMANDLA Edufootball, a child-care organization in South Africa that is funded exclusively by donations like this one.