Gloomy fun at GameDuell: The Halloween Special

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| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

Happy Halloween! The eerie occasion that celebrates ghosts, zombies and vampires is a popular event every year in the US! That’s a good enough reason for us to introduce a Halloween Special in a way which we’ve never had before.

Here’s what’s so different about this Halloween special: each player can decide on their own what and how much they win. Each time you play a duel you will automatically redeem pumpkins. The pumpkins you redeem can be exchanged for prizes such as Picture Kit accessories, free bonuses and vouchers. In addition there will be hidden, surprise prizes which can only be unlocked once you redeem a certain number of pumpkins.

During this horrific event you will find a couple of new elements on the GameDuell website, for example the Spook Shop where you can exchange pumpkins for incredible prizes. Notice the haunting details which will put you in the weird and wonderful Halloween mood.

Gloomy fun at GameDuell: The Halloween Special