Green Pledge

The time to act is now!


The topic of climate change is nothing new, yet conditions have changed considerably. Global warming was said to be a minor issue, something that would need addressing in 50 years when it would be critical. Now we know: time is almost up!


As a company, we began addressing our environmental responsibility 10 years ago with the creation of our “Green Team”. Ever since, we try to make GameDuell greener each day by implementing sustainable measures in our office.


What have we done so far?


Greener office:

  • Separating waste, (organic, recycling, packaging, cardboard, glass) hung up posters how to separate waste correctly
  • Participating in the Deutsche Post “GoGreen” project whenever possible
  • Using recycled toilet paper
  • Switching printers to eco (using less toner) and double sided printing mode by default, faxes are only received via email 
  • The data center running our server farms is only using green energy
  • Switching to a more sustainable office material supplier with a focus on recycled material. Goods are delivered in boxes which are sent back to be reused.
  • Switching to envelopes and adhesive notes with biodegradable windows and glue.


Greener Kitchen:

  • Buying palm oil free chocolate spread instead of Nutella
  • Offering non-dairy options: vegetable spread in addition to butter, oat drink in addition to dairy milk
  • Buying fair trade & organic coffee only
  • Getting rid of plastic bottles: Introducing water dispensers and only ordering glass bottles for soft drinks.
  • Having organic dishwasher tabs


Greener Events:

  • Biodegradable plates, bowls, & cutlery at events 
  • Rooftop Gardening: planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, strawberries, etc. on our terrace
  • Every team member receives a plant as a birthday present, making the office greener
  • Green christmas presents: we decided to go for a more environmentally friendly approach by letting the team members choose a christmas gift certificate from one of four regional shops
  • Travel: we cut down a huge chunk of company flights. If flights are inevitable, we compensate emissions with Atmosfair


Donations / social responsibility:

  • Making many donations to handpicked sustainable charity organizations over the years, summing up to 179k EUR in total so far
  • Instead of throwing old hardware away (monitors, laptops), we donated them to Refugees on Rails & SeniorenComputerClub
  • Donating needed items to Berlin refugee camps (items for babies, toys, clothing, hygienic articles)
  • Ordering paper notebooks which were made in a sheltered / handicap workshop at Union Sozialer Einrichtungen gemeinnützige GmbH
  • Briefmarken für Bethel: Collecting stamps and donating them to Bethel. They employ handicapped people who clean them and sell them to philatelists and make a living from that.
  • Signing the Charta der Vielfalt: we stand for an open working environment free of prejudice 


Currently Testing:

  • Switching to alternative, more environmentally and ethically sustainable online-shops 
  • Company Events: Making vegetarian/vegan meals the default. Anyone who would like to eat meat has to opt-in separately.
  • We want our office to be powered with green energy and are currently talking to the landlord regarding the options


What do we want to achieve soon:

  • Having milk in glass bottles and eventually getting rid of tetra packs
  • Further raising awareness on ecological thinking among team members 
  • Eventually having an office as plastic free as possible
  • Becoming completely CO2 neutral


Our Green Pledge

Since August 2019 we are part of the Leaders For Climate Action initiative, which advocates climate-friendly company organization, and are committed to implement measures laid down in their Green Pledge. Here are the measures we have realized thus far:





Change to a certified 100% green power supplier.


Change the travel policy to a more climate-friendly model.


Integration of a programme to promote climate-friendly employee travel.






Food & Beverage: Conversion to more regional and plant-based nutrition for employees.


Optimization of the print volume. Use of environmental paper and climate-friendly printing methods.


Introduction of a programme for waste separation and reduction of plastic (in particular avoidance of plastic bottles).






Make the entire business model more climate-friendly with the help of our partner companies.




Stufe 1 - Basic Supporter


Appointment of a climate commissioner


Preparation of the CO2 balance on the basis of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol


Implementation of Implementation of ≤ 2 of 6 reduction measures. At least one should come from the IMPACT & VISIBILITY cluster.




Stufe 2 - Full Supporter


Transformation through reduction measures and offsetting (Gold Standard, VCS) to a climate-neutral company in Germany.




Stage 3 - Flagship Supporter One of these three criteria must be met:


The company is made climate neutral on a global scale.


Implementation of lighthouse projects.


Climate-friendly adaptation of parts of the business model such as the supply chain or production.


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