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| by Mathias | published under Charity

This year, we donated again to various organizations and also received great feedback from recent years. Let's take a look at where new projects got started and what happened with our previous donations.

Check out our latest donation recipients!

Spielecafé der Generationen – Jung und Alt spielt e.V.

Everyone likes to play a game, right? According to studies, ⅓ of all people in Germany seem to like playing very much. That’s just amazing because people can easily get to know and learn to understand each other while playing. Board games are simple but, unfortunately, an underestimated means of communication. That is why Spielecafé der Generationen – Jung und Alt spielt e.V. brings people of all ages closer together and promotes gaming not only regionally, but also nationwide.

With our donation, we supported their project “Spielend digital” to digitalize the association’s offer. Training courses about digitization are held especially for senior citizens or people with disabilities. In addition, topics like barrier-free websites or creating barrier-free material for explaining the rules of board games are also part of this project. A big step is being made toward equal opportunities for everyone so people can get in touch online regardless of age and ability.

"Thank you very much for your donation" Jung und Alt spielt e.V.: Stefanie Bacsa, Petra Fuchs, Kerstin Huber (from left to right)

“Kicktipp” Donation: DeafTeens - NeNa e.V.

Due to the European football championships this year, our team played a kick-tipp sweepstake, where everyone predicted the outcome of the games and the overall European champion. Everyone contributed with an amount to a pot. In the end, the winner chose an organization to donate the prize money to and on top of that GameDuell then doubled the donation with our donation doubler, which we use when a team member donates to a charitable cause.

This time it went to the “Deaf Teens” project of the Berlin NeNa e.V. for "Inclusive football training in German sign language”. The NeNa e.V. offers mediation between deaf, hard of hearing, and young people interested in sign language. They offer various leisure activities, like soccer training, which are open to everyone.

It’s #ThrowbackDonationTime! Let’s see what happened the last months with the donations:

Initiative Creative Gaming e.V.

The "Creative Gaming e.V." initiative is out and about in schools with numerous projects to promote media skills. Under the motto “Playing with games”, their workshops convey opportunities to become creative with games. The students can learn what it means to design games themselves and with the knowledge of games they can go completely new creative ways. With the support of GameDuell, three urgently needed, new laptops could be purchased, with which further groups of schoolchildren can now produce on site. The first face-to-face workshop with the laptops took place on December 3rd, 2020 in the Oldenfelde district school in Hamburg, where the 6 participating kids developed cooperative games in the Kodu 3D program.

"The initiative says thank you and looks forward to all future assignments with the new technology!”- Initiative Creative Gaming e.V.

We are always happy to support such an impactful association and it’s great to see that our donation could make a difference. So we also say thank you for starting this impressive project.

Initiative Creative Gaming e.V.: Workshop with laptops

Pfeffersport e.V.

Whether it’s walls, benches, or tables - in parkour you learn to overcome obstacles skillfully and with fun. The Peter-Panter-Park is an ideal training location for exactly that as it is an innovative sports field of Pfeffersport e.V. together with "Kurt-Tucholsky-Oberschule" high school, where common spaces for school, club, trend, and inclusion sports are being created. Children and young people with and without handicaps can be active here together, regardless of their social or financial circumstances or their origin.

With the help of our multiple donations, Pfeffersport e.V., together with the Kurt-Tucholsky-Oberschule in Berlin-Pankow, was able to acquire and set up sports equipment for an inclusive parkour group. The grand opening took place in June 2021.

The parkour equipment, Peter Panter Park sign, two members at opening ceremony

Read more what the Pfeffersport e.V. is all about in our previous blog post here.

Spielehaus Halle e.V.

In 2019, we donated to their “Brettspiel Rallye”. This consists of six days which are spread throughout the year. People can play three board games on one specific day and a winner for the day will be chosen. At the end of the year, there will be an overall winner who will be awarded a prize. Also, we sent some Skat and Rummy card decks to stock up their gaming supplies.

Everything was already prepared for their “Brettspiel Rallye” series in 2020, but just before the start in March the Corona pandemic forced them to cancel the whole event. With our donation, we helped to repeat the planning in 2021 and are super glad that next year’s Brettspiel Rallye with the topic “Spiele des Jahres” will be starting soon again.

Check out everything about the Spielehaus Halle e.V. in our earlier blog posts.

Thank you to all of the organizations for sharing the results with us and high five to all of your amazing causes! ???

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Photo 2: © Initiative Creative Gaming e.V.
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