Playing for Tolerance

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| by Mathias | published under GameDuell , Charity

Games thrive on fair interaction in which everyone has an equal chance. Playing connects people and everyone at a game table is equal, no matter their age, gender, origin, or beliefs.

Everyone is entitled to have a good time.

This can also be applied to life away from the gaming tables. Everybody should be able to have a good time and feel valued.

That's why GameDuell supports the statement "Playing for Tolerance".

Playing for Tolerance

Social responsibility starts with ourselves. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual trust and respect. In our open and international team, we respect and welcome diversity.

We cultivate a cooperative and transparent corporate culture that is focused strongly on team spirit and values. As a team comprising over 25 nationalities, we welcome all people, regardless of origin, age, disability, sexual identity, religion, or social background. We value diversity and see it as one of our most important values. With our open team culture and extensive onboarding, we do our best to integrate our team members well and equally.

Since our founding, we have also been involved in charitable donations for years and support not only local and regional but also international organizations and projects that have made it their mission to bring (among others, disadvantaged) people together and provide them with education, fun and community values in a playful and entertaining way, for example.

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