Q&A: Visa & Relocation to Berlin

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Moving from one country to another can be quite challenging. We want to share with you how GameDuell can assist you step by step if you want to start your career with us and move to Berlin, one of Europe’s most historic and iconic cities. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions.

Q&A: Visa & Relocation to Berlin

Q&A: Visa & Relocation to Berlin
Q: Do you sponsor visas for international employees?

A: Yes, but that’s not all. We assist you with the entire visa and work permit application process. We schedule appointments and help you fill out the application forms and we’ll join you for the appointment at the foreigner’s office here in Berlin. We will also help you with registering for health insurance and opening a German bank account. Furthermore, we cooperate with Berlin based relocation agencies that can assist you in finding an apartment.

Q: How much time should I plan for the whole process?

A: This can only be estimated as it depends on numerous criteria and the duration of processing by the authorities, but it usually takes 2-4 months. The GameDuell team will approach you in advance and guide you through the process.

Q: Do I need to learn German before coming to Germany?

A: No, in most cases you don’t need to learn German since our company language is English, but it is recommended to know some basic phrases. We offer German language classes at GameDuell for beginners. Depending on the type of permit you are applying for, your spouse might need to prove simple German language skills (level A1) before applying for a visa.

Q: Where can I find information about the fees, process, and appointments?

A: To apply for a visa, you need to go to a German embassy in your country of residence. Here you will find an overview of the embassies around the world. It is recommended that you find out what is needed before applying for a visa.

Q: Which documents do I need/ can I prepare beforehand?

A: It is good to scan a copy of your passport, get 2 biometric photos, and have your diploma acknowledged with an apostille and translated into German by an official translator. If you plan to come with your spouse and children, your marriage certificate and the birth certificate of your children will also need to have an apostille and be translated. You will also need a private travel health insurance for the time from when you enter Germany until your first working day.

Q: Should I already make an appointment at the embassy?

A: Embassies require a certain process and sometimes the immigration service must give their permission first. We will also need to send you documents that you will have to show in their original form at the embassy. So, we recommend you wait to make an appointment until further notice.

Q: How can I keep myself organized?

A: It is good to have a folder where you can file the documents and take it with you to the appointments. Unfortunately, not everything works digitally yet so you will need to have the physical documents for your appointment.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: This depends on the country of residence and your citizenship. At a later stage of the process, we can tell you the approximate amount of the fees. Please note that we do offer a relocation package that contributes to your visa related fees and moving costs so make sure you keep all visa related receipts for reimbursement.

Q: Can I get support with the paperwork and German authorities?

A: Don’t worry, we have your back and our experienced team will assist you. You can call or write to us at any time and we can go through the forms together. We will try our best to limit your efforts. Even for the team members who have been at the company for a longer period of time, we are always available for all questions with advice and action. We monitor the timely extension of work and residence permits or help with the transfer of residence titles into permanent settlement permits. Finally, we also have plenty of tips and advice on living and leisure activities in Berlin.

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