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| by Mathias und Alina | published under GameDuell

From the very beginning, Charity@GameDuell was a top priority for our company and we still maintain this long-standing tradition to this day. But as we have grown, so have our opportunities and desire to make a difference. That is why we founded our Green Team in 2009. In addition to our charity projects, the Green Team takes care of all topics related to the sustainability of GameDuell.

Behind the Scenes: Green Team

Hi team, can you tell us a bit about who you are?

There is no fixed Green Team. Anyone who joins our meetings and is passionate about an ecological or socially sustainable topic is automatically a part of our team! Of course, over time we’ve established a voluntary core team with regularly attending members from different disciplines and with varying competencies. But we are happy to welcome anyone who would like to make even the smallest difference!

What does your workday look like?

The first Wednesday of every month is meeting time for the Green Team. Here we talk about everything that has happened in the past month and what is going to happen in the next days, weeks, and months. We focus on topics like travel policy, waste separation, sustainable office supplies, organic food, energy and water saving, and charity donations. We create ideas, goals, and missions that we want to implement together and find solutions on how we can implement them as a company. For the rest of the month, each team member flexibly integrates the tasks into their daily work.

Behind the Scenes: Green Team

What do you especially like about your work?

Well, where do we even start? There are so many aspects we love about it and they all add up to the big picture.

  1. DIVERSITY: We are able to contribute to a good cause and attract internal attention for what we think is one of the most important issues of our time, alongside our daily work tasks.
  2. LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Being pioneers that established the GameDuell Green Team 11 years ago and now seeing it grow.
  3. TEAMWORK: Environmental protection is a team effort and it is great to see how many individuals can come together to achieve something big.
  4. LEARNING: Sustainability and charity are endless topics. We have already learned so much, but that’s only a fraction of what we could know about it.
  5. COMMITMENT: We are fully supported by our management board and all our fellow team members.
  6. MAKING A DIFFERENCE: When it comes to donations, it is always so nice to see the change that can be made through the realization of projects. And the best part is that GameDuell as a company doubles our individual donations to charity.
  7. STEP-BY-STEP: We don’t have to come up with ONE big revolutionary concept. We can take small steps such as getting rid of plastic bottles and introducing a water dispenser, getting rid of napkins wrapped in plastic, only using environmentally friendly dishwashing detergent, or using recycled toilet and printing paper.

Do you have a favorite workplace story?

Last year we took part in the Green Mobile Game Jam from Playing for the Planet for the first time. You may wonder why this is such a big deal. Well, there are so many other dedicated games companies who took part and the initiative is even backed by the UN. Our team created an environmental quiz which contributed to the goal of activating players and informing them about environmental awareness (find out more about it here). By committing to the values, we are part of this alliance now too. We have our own space on their website and we’re looking forward to the upcoming Green Mobile Game Jam 2021.

Behind the Scenes: Green Team

However, that was only one of our achievements from the past years! GameDuell also co-founded “Leaders for Climate Action”, which is a group of over 700 business leaders from almost every European country and have been supporting them from the start. Over the last few months, many well-known leaders from France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Spain, and many other countries have joined this incredible initiative as well. This gives them powerful leverage to drive changes in the digital industry which is exactly what we plan to do on Earth Day.

We’ve joined forces with 200 leading digital companies to launch a new campaign, time for climate action. On the website, you can see what we, and other companies, are doing to protect the climate all year round.

The goal of this Earth Day initiative is to make people think about what they as an individual can do in 5 minutes. Make a coffee, water their plants, or perhaps something to benefit climate action? You’d be surprised how much difference just a few minutes can make. Join the movement!

Behind the Scenes: Green Team