Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

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Our UX Research & Design Team has a lot of fun at GameDuell and in their daily work interactions - we can clearly see why. The 2 UX Researchers, Game Designer, and Product Designer have established a great collaboration through their amazing in-depth knowledge and a good friendship that has grown over time. We are sure the international aspect of the team also creates an exciting environment, because North-Macedonian, Norwegian, American, and German cultures are coming together here.

Usually there are 3 great minds behind UXR, do you want to be the missing third musketeer? #jobs

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

Hi team, can you tell us a bit about who you are?

We UX Researchers are the connection between our players and the company. We are there to foster a sense of empathy and check if our ideas also make sense to our players. Tim is our "numbers guy" and he loves Italian food above all else. He also drinks a million cups of espresso per day. Lauren, our "qualitative genius", extracts the best insights through conversations. Her favorite dishes are tacos and she probably also orders a burger from Burgermeister a bit too often, but what can you do? - they are delicious! We’re currently set up as a service team, doing user research for all products in the company. Getting to know our users to inform design, product, marketing, and strategic decisions is what we do on a day-to-day basis.

It makes sense that a Game Designer is into games but ours in particular is absolutely obsessed with card and board games. He loves them so much that he even makes games out of his own books! Mario has also just relocated from North Macedonia during the pandemic and received full support from our People & Culture Team when it came to the paperwork to make his dream come true: being a game designer in Berlin! And our Product Designer, Matti? Well, he is into making his own furniture, he loves Formula 1, and he is always making the best puns and using his dry, nordic humor to make us laugh. Matti has been at GameDuell the longest and he can tell you all about what has been going on the last couple of years. When in doubt, ask Matti! Mario and Matti are the creatives in our team, making sure to come up with solutions, designs, and concepts that improve the user experience and make the games more fun to play! These two are also integrally included in strategic and product processes for all of the products in our company.

This is us!

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

Behind the Scenes: UX Research & Design Team

What does your workday look like?

For UXR it’s planning, executing, analyzing, synthesizing research, and repeating! It sounds like a simple process at first but our research process looks a bit different every day. Depending on what we want to do we need to create research plans, prepare surveys, interviews, or user tests, and recruit participants for each of them. And that’s only the beginning of our journey. For our designers, the days look a little bit different. They are designing concept pages, developing concepts into new features, and creating prototypes in discussion with several teams to come to the best possible solution. Once they’re done, the concept goes into testing in the real world with the UXR team.

“We strive to learn and become better every day” is one of the most important GameDuell values for our team. It shows our close collaboration with other team members and that we can only achieve our goals while working, designing, and researching together. In order to be up to date, it’s not only important to learn with other teams, but we also need to get inspired for new designs and level up UXR skills.

What do you especially like about your work?

Collaboration isn’t limited to only our team. We work with many team members and on many topics and projects. Therefore, new and different project team compositions enable us to frequently work with different colleagues and really get to know everyone around the office. But not only getting to know our colleagues is awesome, for us it’s also the looking for creative ways to get to know our users, their wishes, and finding solutions around our favorite topic: GAMES!

Do you have a favorite workplace story?

It’s not even possible to commit to a specific day or story here. There are so many different stories, but they are only funny if you've seen them for yourself. So why not become a part of our team? Apply now for one of our jobs or even become our new Senior UX Researcher and experience your favorite workplace stories with us.