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| by Olga | published under GameDuell

The best way to bring people together isn’t just games – it’s food! That’s why every once in a while we invite all new team members to the Newbie Cooking Session, where we all get to know each other while preparing a meal and welcome aboard our newcomers. Currently, GameDuell has 215 members from 35 different countries – but, with the effort of our amazing HR team, this list is expanding every month.

Newbie Cooking at GameDuell

Last Thursday, our new team members from France, Germany, UK, Kazahstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Spain and even faraway Brazil and China all gathered together under the supervision of (undoubtedly) the most important person in the company, the person who is responsible for our delicious lunches and, therefore, our good mood – Ivan. This time, Ivan and his partner Konstantin had something special prepared for us – or, rather, not prepared at all because every ingredient they brought was raw. So we armed ourselves with pans, knives, spices and enthusiasm and began to cook the meal ourselves.

Newbie Cooking at GameDuell In between of cutting, chopping, boiling and frying, we exchanged stories, recipes and, of course, talked about our favorite games. Meantime, one of our new illustrators decided not to lose time in vain and drew 1-minute scribbles of our team members. Here are some of them:

Newbie Cooking at GameDuell If you also think that food and games are the best combination, then you should definitely join our team! Also, you might be interested in more news about our team events:Friends, Family & Bull Riding: GameDuell’s Western Barbecue GameDuell Summer Party 2015: The Good VibesTable Tennis Masters at GameDuell