Blog - Friends, Family and Bull Riding: GameDuell’s Western Barbecue

Friends, Family and Bull Riding: GameDuell’s Western Barbecue


Ever since the beginning of GameDuell, its mission has been bringing people together to have a good time with games. However, it's not only games that we're being social with. Here, at GameDuell, we’ve been big fans of throwing barbecues on our rooftop terrace but lately we’ve discovered something that’s even better. Bull riding on a western barbecue.


Friends, Family and Bull Riding: GameDuell’s Western Barbecue

The party began at 18:30, when our team members brought in their friends and family who could get a sneak peak at our office and enjoy the Western Barbecue. Corn, potatoes, beans, chicken wings – food-wise, we had it all. But to recreate the real spirit of the Wild West, there had to be something more to that, of course. So we thought – what could be wilder than bull riding and horseshoeing at our modern office located in the heart of Berlin? 


Like real cowboys, we all climbed the bull one by one in an ambitious attempt to tame it, which wasn’t that easy. Most of our heroes were shamelessly thrown off after the very first seconds, some managed to last for half a minute and only few could say that they really tamed the monster after a 90-seconds-long rodeo battle.




Those who weren’t favored by Fortune in bull riding, either redeemed their luck by participating in horseshoeing activity or drowned their sorrows in a special GameDuell beer, brewed by our Human Resources team, which is looking for people with serious skills in mobile game development, Java code ines shooting and data engineering


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P.S. Do you like our office environment and imagine yourself working here? Then check out our current job openings!


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