Blog - GameDuell Summer Party 2015: Volleyball, Barbecue & Good Vibes

GameDuell Summer Party 2015: Volleyball, Barbecue & Good Vibes


Last Friday night we had our Summer Party – an annual event that we organize for the entire GameDuell team. This time, we decided to protest against the wind and rain that the month of June was ‘blessing’ us with and prove that the real summer comes from within! So we headed to our favourite beach club in Berlin – “Beach Mitte” – and warmed up with a Beach Volleyball Fun Tournament there, jazzed up by an adventurous high rope climbing, a delicious barbecue, and a whole night of dancing.


GameDuell Summer Party 2015: Volleyball, Barbecue & Good Vibes

The party began at our Lounge, where the plans for the night were revealed to everybody – usually, they are kept secret until the very last moment in order to strengthen the element of surprise. This time, however, there was another small surprise prepared for our team members: everybody was given a small description of a colleague working in a different team, and the task of the night was to find that person, re-unite together and celebrate that with a drink!


Besides getting to know each other over a drink, there was, of course, a Beach Volleyball Fun Tournament. We played in 24 teams – 4 people against 4 – and within an hour and a half of an emotional battle we finally got the winner – the team “Friendly Fire”. The happy winners received an exclusive GameDuell present bag with some nice and thoughtful summer-themed items.





While part of the team was competing in the final rounds on the volleyball field, the rest of us were exploring the challenging high rope course full of free hanging barrels, poles and even cars (yes, that's right), playing table football, chatting over some drinks and, of course, making that delicious dinner disappear from the table.









When the sun finally came down and the night stepped in its righteous power, many of us gathered around a fire place, warming each other up with jokes, funny stories, while the rest of the GameDuellees decided to hit the dance floor and enjoy everybody’s favourite summer hits.




Overall, it was an amazing night, full of laughter, good vibes and good people – something that never changes at GameDuell.


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