Blog - Seasons in the sun: GameDuell summer party

Seasons in the sun: GameDuell summer party

17.07.2013 | by Jonas | published under GameDuell


Every year GameDuell organizes a big summer party for its staff of 200 team members. For this year’s summer event, we took two big buses to Wolziger See, a beautiful lake in the outskirts of Berlin surrounded by great nature. After we've built our own rafts in 15 groups and paddled them across the lake, we enjoyed many more activities like Beach Volleyball, Boule and Viking's Chess. The evening came to a relaxed end with a yummy barbecue, chat and many drinks.

 Do it yourself raft building



 Self-painted flag of Team Fluffy


   It's team work time


  Let's gooo!


  Battle time: who's the fastest?


  Good times


  GameDuell on water


  The winners are celebrating