Blog - Culinary Team Event: Second Newbie Cooking at GameDuell

Culinary Team Event: Second Newbie Cooking at GameDuell



Culinary Team Event: Second Newbie Cooking at GameDuell


Everyone enjoys a good meal! So at GameDuell we started a new culinary team activity: The Newbie Cooking. New team members and their team representatives were invited to share a great evening with food and drinks while getting to know each other and learn more about GameDuell.

All agreed that the cuisine of the evening would be Hungarian! As we had new team members from France, Russia, Portugal, Colombia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, India, Argentina, the Netherlands, USA and Germany joining our team in the last few weeks, they were all invited to bring a typical beverage from their home country.


Our GameDuell dining table was beautifully decorated:



At the beginning of our culinary experience everyone was welcomed to introduce her or himself to the team. With such a culturally diverse group of people, there was a lot of interesting things to talk about! While enjoying varied drinks such as Portuguese port wine, Scottish lemonade, Russian malt beer and Serbian plum schnapps, we prepared a variation of Hungarian “Pancakes, Crepes and Co.” As appetizers the crepes were filled with homemade cream cheese and a variation of vegetables.



The main course was a Hungarian traditional stew which also served as a sauce for the stuffed pancakes. There were two choices: pancakes stuffed with chicken and for our vegetarians, pancakes with mushrooms. Preparing the meal created a nice team work experience especially since everyone participated and had fun helping each other!



To top the evening off, the team enjoyed vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce and mint for dessert. We must admit: every course was delicious! There will be definitely more events like this!

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