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Here at GameDuell we don't only make games. We play them too (big surprise). And as the matter of fact, the range of gaming interest at GameDuell goes far beyond mobile. There's Xbox, PS4, Facebook, and even board games that we like to play. But which ones are our top favourites? Here's the list:The People of GameDuell: Our Favourite Games

Martina Cepek, Event Manager

Favourite game

: Crossy Road Why: It’s easy and because it’s a mobile game it can be played everywhere – I usually do it in the u-bahn when I go home after work. It helps me to relax and calm down after a crazy day of event planning at GameDuell.

Florian Habermann, Social Mobile Game

Favourite game: Tactile Wars Why: Very unique strategy game that is very fun to play. You have to draw (!) your formations on your iPad and try to conquer the opponents’ base. Navigation/drawing is very fun and intuitive; the design is great too. The game is currently only in soft launch (available in Australia + New Zealand), though.

Daniel Djanie, Lead Artist

Favourite game: Okami Why: It has a very engaging story and a very unique look and a very nice soundtrack. Okami is just a beautiful game.

The People of GameDuell: Our Favourite Games

Daniel Kromand, Product Manager Mobile

Favourite game: Deathwatch Why: It’s great because I can HONOR MY CHAPTER!

Olga Rabo, Social Media

Favourite game: Journey Why: It’s just an amazing experience! For starters, the game is inspiringly beautiful, the visuals are very artistic. And then the whole idea that you go on a journey to find yourself is pretty cool. But the best moment is that somewhere in the middle of the game there’s a stranger joining you in your journey – that’s pretty fantastic.

Alexander Hawsksley, Community Team

Favourite game: Pro Evolution Soccer Why: In comparison to FIFA, it’s just great how unrealistic it is! Also, it’s so much fun how angry your friends can get when you score ridiculously amazing goals!

The People of GameDuell: Our Favourite Games

Axel Schmidt

Favourite game: Red Dead Redemption Why: It’s really awesome and the graphics are very vivid! The landscape is so lively that it’s worth just riding around on your horse and simply enjoying the visuals. And also then you have all these quests that are sometimes very funny, actually.

Miriam Feiler, Office Management

Favourite game: Settlers of CatanWhy: I love collecting things and making strategic decisions. And the fact that Settlers of Catan is a board game makes it more fun for me to play.

Sophie Tröger, Human Resources

Favourite game:TwoDots Why: It's just very diversified regarding the different levels. I like the art in the map and the simplicity of the game itself.

Michael Kashapov, Frontend-developer/TYPO3 Integrator

Favourite game: Plants vs. Zombies 2 Why: I really enjoy the dynamics of the game and I love how the new zombie troops look. Also, the fact that the game is still in Live Operations is pretty cool, because I can notice all the little tweaks of improvement that they’re doing. It’s very interesting.

Kai Bolik, Co-founder and CEO

Favourite game:Belote.comWhy: It offers a lot of interesting strategic options, especially the Coinche version, so it can take you a lifetime to master the game. Also, I like that it’s multiplayer and that the players are very engaged – it’s quite a lot of fun interacting with them. And finally, I enjoy the fact that the game is accessible on all platforms:, iOS, Android and Facebook – it makes it to be a true GameDuell classic.

The People of GameDuell: Our Favourite GamesWhat's your favourite game? Tell us on Twitter by mentioning @GameDuell - we'd love to hear you!

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