Meet our Team Members - Today: Maiju from Office Management

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Would you like to get to know some of the people behind our games? Our "Meet our Team Members" posts will introduce you to one of the many great GameDuell team members. “Hey Maiju! I need to have a meeting with our management team! Can you arrange it?” This is just one of the many questions our team has and we are lucky enough to have a Wonder Woman like Maiju in our team to help us out in these situations.

Meet our Team Members - Today: Maiju from Office Management

“Hey Maiju! Could you briefly introduce yourself? Where do you come from?”I’m Office Manager and Assistant to the Management Board at GameDuell. Originally I’m from Finland, where I graduated in tourism and hospitality management. Before I moved to Berlin seven years ago, I worked in several ski and tourist information centers. I always wanted to live abroad and Berlin seemed like a nice place to try. Originally, I planned to only stay half a year, but the city and people captivated me. So much so, that I didn’t want to go back. Instead, I found myself a job as a hotel receptionist. Then, a few years ago I decided to switch from the hotel industry to an office management role.

With a background in tourism and hospitality, it sounds like Maiju would surely be prepared to deal with the different languages, cultures and team members at GameDuell that constantly keep her on the run! So now that we know a little bit about Maiju, let’s find out what she does at GameDuell!

“What is your role here at GameDuell?”The team and I are busy making sure that all GameDuell team members have the best possible environment to work in. This not only means having a lovely and functioning office, but also a pleasant and supporting atmosphere. Part of our responsibility is to organize weekly team events, including language classes, sports and even a gardening society. Not only do we have the role to support GameDuell team members with their questions and concerns, but we are also the first point of contact for any external business partners and guests. I also support management with their many tasks and schedules.Meet our Team Members - Today: Maiju from Office Management

It certainly sounds like you have your hands full, Maiju! But the team is very happy that everything is so organized. Let’s find out why Maiju enjoys being part of the GameDuell team.

“Why is GameDuell a great place to work?”Working at GameDuell is great because each and every team member is prepared to support the other. We are proud of what we do and what we achieve together. I really enjoy the balance between routine tasks and new challenges, this really makes every day different. I really appreciate the fact that input is always welcome and can influence how we will do things in the future.

It sounds like there is a very strong, positive emphasis on working as team at GameDuell. We’ve now heard how Maiju fills up her working week but what does she do with the rest of her time?

“When you’re not at GameDuell, what do you do in your spare time?”I love watching TV shows and reading books. I also enjoy eating out with friends.

Maiju also told us that she is also a big X-Files and Wonder Woman fan. From the sounds of it, GameDuell has found their own Wonder Woman with Maiju! If you feel like you have your own super power, then check out the latest openings. Feel free to write to us on Twitter or Facebook.