Blog - Halloween at GameDuell - A Hell of a Party

Halloween at GameDuell - A Hell of a Party

02.11.2016 | by Daniel | published under Inside - Blog posts, Events, GameDuell

On Friday the 13th...umm...Friday the 28th of October, we had our annual GameDuell Halloween party and what a night it was! Spooky ghosts? Check! Devilishly good food? Check! Even some real celebrities like Hannibal Lecter were in attendance! ;)

We invited all of our team members, including their family and friends, and welcomed them to our very own graveyard. Tombstones, bats and spiderwebs were everywhere you looked and helped to make our lounge the perfect place for a Halloween bash. Even our dessert was scary! ;)

Our team members had so much fun dressing up. We had superheroes, ghosts, vampires, and even zombies! Our professional makeup artists made sure all of them looked really scary too. Once again, it was one of the highlights of the year here at GameDuell!

If you would like to participate in our next GameDuell event, apply to join our team! We have some open positions that need to be filled! ;)