Introducing Potion Panic with an Innovative Multiplayer Feature

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Potion Panic

is the new and innovative action game by GameDuell, Germany’s largest game site. It is the world’s first match 3 game in which you compete live, directly and in real time against another player.

In Potion Panic, the two players share the game field. The players take turns forming rows of three or more same colored flasks. The aim of the game is to reduce the opponent’s energy to zero.

There are also special skull flasks that can be combined to instantly drain energy from the other player. The beautiful in-game animations provide a very dense and magical atmosphere for the players throughout the game.

Introducing Potion Panic with an Innovative Multiplayer Feature

Potion Panic is not only unique on account of it being a multiplayer game, it also has an unusual point system. A player can’t win Potion Panic by achieving a high score, but must focus on reducing the opponent’s energy points to zero. This means keeping cool under pressure, being quick and thinking ahead!

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