Blog - How we ran the B2RUN

How we ran the B2RUN


On the 10th of September, Berlin witnessed the final round of the biggest company run in the country – the B2RUN. The sporty team of GameDuell couldn’t, of course, ignore an event of such importance and on a stormy Friday afternoon 9 of us went to the monumental Olympiastadion to take part in a 6km long run with other 14 000 participants.


How we ran the B2RUN

The weather in Berlin was being it usual self: rainy and windy. In fact, Olympiastadion never looked as grey and cheerless as that day. And giving the fact that we all forgot to bring umbrellas and raincoats, things didn’t look as bright as we had hoped, either.



But GameDuell ain’t no quitters. Even though lots of people were leaving the run before it started, we decided to stay and hope for the best. And miraculously, just before the beginning of the B2RUN, the sky all cleared up, letting through a bit of sunshine. And the next moment we knew it, there was a loud ‘Ready, Steady, Go!



And so on we ran, through mud and dirt, jumping over the puddles and sometimes gliding on a soapy, slippery road. There was a few small jazz bands cheering us up with music and claps on the way and occasional groups of curious pedestrians, who were encouraging us to continue (which we did).


The B2Run had all kinds of participants – young and elder, fast and slow, focused and chatty. Everybody was different and everybody had a different strategy and goals. Our goal was to complete the run under 30 minutes, and we’re happy to say that we successfully achieved that.


The very best moment of the whole run was when we finally entered the Olympiastadion during the final part of the lane. The rain started pouring down again, but we didn’t mind anymore. The stadium lost its grey colors and was all bright and shiny instead, looking very impressive with the black sky above it, inviting the rain in and getting us all soaked to the skin.  



But for a good team, no storm is a problem. We came together, ran together, had fun together and shared a really special moment with each other - and that’s what a real team does. 



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