GameDuell supports AMANDLA Computer Training Project

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Computer skills are becoming increasingly important nowadays. They can not only open new doors into the job market, but also help with better exploiting one’s personal potential. This is why we gladly contributed to Non-Profit Organization AMANDLA’s computer training project in Cape Town with a monetary donation. The training provided 15 young adults aged between 18 to 25 with a certified education in computer usage.

GameDuell supports AMANDLA Computer Training Project

In an intensive one week-long workshop, they learned about job market computer market essentials such as the operating system Windows, Microsoft Office, e-mail programs, browsers and Social Media. Additionally, the participants also studied how to compose and format resumes and formal letters, and also practiced professional communication.

The participants, both males and females, are all apprentices in AMANDLA’s Youth Leadership Program. The purpose of this program is to encourage young people to develop their individuality, build values and improve their ability to deal with everyday challenges.

AMANDLA was founded in 2007 by volunteers to offer educational and recreational programs to youths in socially deprived areas. Its aim is to establish so-called Safe Hubs where young people can be trained through a combination of sports and education. With bases in both South Africa and Germany, AMANDLA is an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization, which was also awarded with prizes such as the Beyond Sport Award and the ISPO Award. Over 3,000 young people benefit directly from the organization’s programs on a weekly basis.

For more information and to support projects, visit their website.

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