First Grand Gin Rummy Tournament has started!

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New Update for popular multiplayer card game integrates first worldwide competition

First Grand Gin Rummy Tournament has started!

The first worldwide Grand Gin Rummy tournament has started. Developer GameDuell launched a new update for the popular multiplayer card game that integrates a comprehensive tournament mode. Players on iOS, Android and Facebook will now have the chance to compete in a large-scale cross-platform competition that will run until November 30, 2016. Successful combatants will win high chip prizes for the game.

Entering the tournament each player will play five games against other players. The score of all five games combined determines the player’s rank in the current leaderboard and their possible winnings. Players can reenter the tournament at any time before it ends to improve their score. Only the highest final score will be counted for the overall result. Grand Gin Rummy tournaments will now be held on a regular basis. Card game lovers can find the install links for the game on

First Grand Gin Rummy Tournament has started!The first premium Gin Rummy App

Gin Rummy is one of the most well-known card games in North America. It originated in New York during the 1920s – the time when art and culture flourished and when American cinema entered its golden age. GameDuell has recreated the atmosphere of the “Roaring Twenties” by inviting players to a stunningly designed grand hotel in the style of some of the most luxurious locations of the time. In this authentic setting, players can enjoy a game of Gin Rummy in a relaxed atmosphere and compete against other Gin Rummy enthusiasts from all over the world. Card game lovers will enjoy six different game modes including “Direct Challenges”, the famous “Oklahoma” variant and the new “Tournament” mode.