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In their line of interviews with recruiters in the games industry, Games-Career asked our own HR Business Partner & Recruiter, Barbara Pitula, for tips and tricks for writing the perfect application.

Games-Career Interview with Barbara Pitula

Getting a job in the games industry or any industry really requires an application first. To find out what that means in terms of actually writing one, Games-Career asked Barbara Pitula a few questions so you know what to consider when writing your application.

According to Barbara letting your creativity shine through your application is welcome, as long as it remains structured and easy to read. The cover letter doesn’t replace a great resume, but still is important as it shows your motivation and the time and effort you put into that particular application and makes it less generic.
If you’re applying for the job of Community Manager, for example, the cover letter especially needs to show your communicational skills, since it is a recruiter’s first impression of you and needs to depict you as the ideal person for the position.

Games-Career Interview with Barbara Pitula More important when applying for the position of a Game Artist is your portfolio though. It needs to match the company in terms of themes and style and should reflect your abilities and also adaptability.
Experience in the industry is always a plus, says Barbara, and it becomes more and more important the closer you work with and on the actual games. In supporting teams like Accounting, HR etc. it’s not the main criteria, but a passion for games is always nice.

Things she doesn’t want to see in applications in 2017 are generic emails where it’s obvious they’re going out to a number of companies. And by now everyone should know the basics like spellchecking their applications, getting the addressee right and making sure everything is authentic to you.
Something that Barbara especially likes in applications is when you mention how you found and why you chose to apply for that specific job. You need to show that you put some thought into it and know what exactly you’re applying for.

Games-Career Interview with Barbara Pitula For more tips and tricks check out the German interview on the Games-Career blog and you should be all set to apply to our open positions!