GameDuell Sponsors Worldwide Haxe Conference 2015!

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GameDuell Sponsors Worldwide Haxe Conference 2015!

GameDuell will sponsor and participate in the 2015 Worldwide Haxe Conference from May 29th to June 1st in Paris, France. The 4 days event will be hosted by Mozilla Paris and held in their historic and ornate building on the Boulevard Montmartre.

GameDuell Sponsors Worldwide Haxe Conference 2015!

Two of our techies, Lead Developer Sven Otto and Engine Developer Rui Campos will introduce the custom built GameDuell Haxe tool to the conference participants. Built entirely in-house by the GameDuell developer's team, Sven and Rui will present how it gives platform specialists a handy workflow to seamlessly contribute to the same APIs. They will also share their approach for the modularity of libraries and how they defined the platform abstraction layer to provide an efficient and maintainable development process.

Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level level programming language with a cross-platform compiler and a complete cross-platform standard library to access each platform's native capabilities. Recently it has become our predominant tool for the production of social and mobile games with a cross-platform functionality.

To learn more about Haxe and the Worldwide Haxe Conference being held in Paris, you can visit their website here.