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Welcome to GameDuell!

At GameDuell, our mission is to create fun and exciting games that people can enjoy wherever, whenever and on any device they choose. But what is it like to work for one of the largest gaming platforms in the world? What makes working at GameDuell truly unique is its workplace culture that encourages learning, collaboration and innovation with lots of fun.

Innovation & CreativityWelcome to GameDuell!

Our game designers and developers are always seeking ways to adopt the newest technologies into the development of our games wherever possible. Using HTML5 technology, we redesigned and launched our popular game, Roll 5, which allows players to enjoy it in any web browser on a desktop computer or any mobile tablet of their choice. As a result of our cross-platform approach, mobile players will now be able to play with other players using the desktop version and vice versa.

Another innovative first was the launch of the very first multiplayer match-3 game, Potion Panic, which allows players to compete in real time.

Knowledge SharingWelcome to GameDuell!

Knowledge sharing and learning are vital components to the GameDuell success story. This is only possible through an emphasis on team collaboration, lunchtime presentations, workshop sessions and hosting TechTalk lectures. Team members also regularly attend industry conferences and seminars which enables them to continually grow and become experts in their fields.

DiversityWelcome to GameDuell!

Ever since our founding, we've always wanted GameDuell to be a place where the best and brightest could come together and create exciting games. As a result, around 25 different nationalities are represented among our team of 215. We are artists, developers, game designers, programmers, project managers, marketing experts, community managers and so much more, but in the end, we are all working together to create great products. And although English is our working language, you are sure to hear French, Russian, Spanish or even Persian and many more being spoken at any given time in our office.

Welcome to GameDuell!

Above all, it never feels like work if you have fun and enjoy cooperation with other team members. And besides working hard to make our players happy, our team is also regularly celebrating birthdays, the launch of a new product, summer and Christmas parties, an impromptu game of table tennis, pool billiard or simply preparing lunch together.

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