Diversity - What Does This Mean for You?

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One year ago, we signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” to strengthen and deepen our practice of being an inclusive and international company even more. We can already proudly say, that with 26 nationalities, 130 team members with multicultural backgrounds, and an open-minded team, we all have one big thing in common:

We accept everyone for who they are!

Diversity - What does this mean for you?

This year, we were part of the 8th German Diversity Day on May 26th. We decided to dive deeper into the subject and wanted to know what our team thinks of when they hear the term diversity. Therefore, we asked our team members for one word or even a story connected to what diversity means to them. Shortly after starting, we found there isn’t just ONE definition, but many!

We would like to share this word cloud with all of the keywords we came up with as well as some really great quotes.

Diversity - What does this mean for you?

  1. Diversity is the integration of many cultures from all around the world, that allows us to share our lifestyle and gain knowledge from people from different walks of life.
  2. It’s like having a good meal. A meal made from only one ingredient without spices or side dishes will taste bland and, in itself, is not really edible. Only the combination of different things turns it into a tasty dish.
  3. Family Resemblance: We will never share all features like languages, looks, norms, or interests, but we are still members of the same family.
  4. For me diversity means a richness of differences, or celebration of differences in a social/cultural context.
  5. For me, diversity is two things. It’s the coming together of people who differ in origin, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, economic background, religious beliefs, but also the coming together of people’s diverse experiences and beliefs.
  6. Games are made and should be enjoyed by everybody regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. It's important that we, as an industry, are inclusive and represent all types of people in our games.
  7. For me, diversity represents uniqueness in its own way and that makes me more receptive and open towards the differences.
  8. Everyone is entitled to be what they want to be. Diversity makes it interesting and meaningful. Diversity defines who I am.
  9. Diversity is the pleasure of never having to meet someone who is the same fool as you are yourself.
  10. Treating everybody just as a human being regardless of their gender, religious beliefs, education, skin color, sexual orientation, lifetime experiences, political views or any other attribute one might add to the list.
  11. The deeper value of diversity is that in the end each of us is a member of some minority.
  12. To me, diversity is a great opportunity to not stand still but progress in every aspect of life, i.e. learning by thinking out of the box.
  13. In a diverse society there are no colors, everyone is equal no matter the origin, gender, (religious) beliefs or (social) status. The only important thing is that the person feels appreciated and respected.
  14. I would characterize diversity as a concept referring to a collection of many heterogeneous elements and I believe that diverse teams can learn a lot from each other and combine their strengths to achieve more than homogenous teams.
  15. We should embrace diversity as a positive thing which can only bring us more as human beings.
  16. I have one word that somehow got connected to diversity when thinking about it - openness.
  17. For me, diversity is when you have people with different life experiences, you find more than one solution to a problem.
  18. Diversity - one of the essential factors for a prosperous life in peace and harmony - so, live it!
  19. For me, Berlin is the best definition of diversity and I feel lucky to be there, here and now.
  20. Diversity makes the world an interesting place. If everyone would think and feel like me, it would be super boring.

Diversity - What does this mean for you?

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