Behind the Scenes: The Art & Graphics Team

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| by Kristina und Alina | published under GameDuell

What comes to your mind when you hear art and graphics? Colorful spaces with brushes and paint everywhere? Or huge pen tablets, magic image editing software, and piles of notes and sketches? To give you a proper impression, we asked our Art & Graphics Team how their work life as creative beings looks like.

Behind the scenes: The Art & Graphics Team

Hi team, can you tell us a bit about who you are?

Call us an army of artists or guardians of good design. We are ready to fight to make sure each pixel is beautiful! Whether you just tap a button in our games, enjoy a swift rewarding animation, or fall in love with one of our many characters - there is always an artist behind the visual design. In our team, a dozen designers and artists from different disciplines come together: illustrators, web designers, animation and video specialists, as well as UI artists and classic graphic designers.

What does your workday look like?

Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, After Effects, and Cintiqs are the weapons of choice for our daily work. But before we craft graphical assets for the digital world, we get inspired by different sources from diverse media, offline or online. A beautiful photograph can be just as good of an inspiration for a character pose as a sculpture or the quirky person from the latest social meme. We also talk to our UX designers, stakeholders, and developers to make sure we understand our briefings perfectly before we deliver website designs, game art assets, emails, posters, animations, banners, logos, screen layouts, or whatever is needed to make our games come to life.

Behind the scenes: The Art & Graphics Team

What do you especially like about your work?

The power of a great team is formed by good spirit, open communication, and exchanging knowledge about different skills. We love working together and learning something new from one another every day. Combined with our sense for quality, it helps us to fulfill our mission to create tasteful treats for the eyes of our customers. Their direct feedback is very important to us and the most rewarding part is hearing that the effort we put into our work made them happy.

Do you have a favorite workplace story?

We are hungry for entertainment and feed our team spirit with passionate conversations about movies or new series, games, politics, or just great food we have tried recently. Apart from us all agreeing on the deliciousness of cake and candy, we still haven’t solved the argument about the one true Cuban recipe for yellow rice yet. If debating exhausts us too much, we can also take a nap in the relaxation room. One day a fellow artist did so but forgot to set an alarm. He took the story of Sleeping Beauty very seriously and we couldn’t find him the whole afternoon. Fortunately, no prince had to ride in and provide a wake up kiss. The artist eventually woke up on his own and worked happily ever after.

If you want to be part of our lovely Art & Graphics team, check out our job openings here!