Blog - 10th anniversary of Skat & Rommé Masters Tournament

10th anniversary of Skat & Rommé Masters Tournament


This year is a special year: our popular Skat and Rommé Tournament celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend, July 25-26, 2015. Established by our collaborated forces with German Skat Association (Deutscher Skatverband e.V.) in 2005, we’ve been an exclusive partner for the tournament ever since!


10th anniversary of Skat & Rommé Masters Tournament

For the anniversary, 230 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland made it to Berlin, the Mecca of card games. The live finals were a culmination of an 11-month-long qualification process in a form of competition, which took place online at On Saturday, the finalists (169 men and 7 women in particular) gathered at the Maritim Hotel, near Potsdamer Platz, and had a 2-day long contest, where they showed off their immaculate skills in Skat and Rommé.


The tournament began with an opening ceremony that included a welcoming speech from our Skat expert Peter Mitschke, who talked about the history of Skat Masters Tournament, highlighted by many anecdotes and curiosities that have happened over the 10 years. On then on Saturday evening, the anniversary was beautifully celebrated with a gala dinner and even a more beautiful cake.


In the 10 years of Skat-Tournament’s existence, there have been collected many interesting figures that sum up into an impressive-looking statistics. For instance, throughout the whole history of the tournament, we’ve witnessed an amount of 1195 people competing in the final round. The youngest participant ever was a 20-year old lad and the oldest opponent was 79 years old. The hottest finals (literally speaking) were held in 2013, when the weather temperature reached 35˚C, and the coldest competition happened at the freezing temperature of -12˚C 4 years before that.


The anniversary tournament will be aired on Dmax TV channel on October 11, 2015. So stay tuned! Until then, here's some photos from the tournament!
















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