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| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

Run GameDuell, run! Here at GameDuell it’s all about team work, fun and a winning spirit. That’s why the “Berlin Team-Staffel” run was a perfect start to a sportive summer for us.

Three GameDuell teams with five participants each took part in the team relay through famous “Tiergarten” park and had a great time together.

Even the rain and wind couldn’t stop them to place in the first third of all 4.830 teams.

Two days later three of our team members participated in the Berlin Triathlon. Making their way through torrential rain Mathias, Andre and Stefan finished as the second best relay team overall.

Berlin hosts several social and cultural activities every year. In addition, some interesting running events, including the world-famous Berlin marathon, are held in the German capital.

Run GameDuell, run!