Blog - Programming robots with our charity donation

Programming robots with our charity donation


We love sharing our passion for technology. That’s why our quarterly donation went to the Seniors Computer Club Berlin (SCC Berlin) in December, 2015. Our proceeds helped fund two Roberta robotic training modules developed by Fraunhofer Institute and Lego. The SCC will do inter-generational trainings with the devices at schools. Earlier this month SCC Berlin came in to the office to show us how we could program our own robotic cars with it.

Programming robots with our charity donation

Alle Fotos © C.W. sccbm

In just minutes we had a good understanding thanks to the SCC Berlin members and the very user-friendly tool, which is based on a web interface and a simple programming language based on Java. After a quick test run by SCC members, we were given the opportunity to control the robots with some simple commands. A few clicks and a little bit of scrolling later we saw the floor crossed by the little robotic cars. The tool was so easy to use that soon after our developers and producers were even writing their own commands.


Alle Fotos © C.W. sccbm


The SCC Berlin members really impressed us! Even our CEO dropped by to take a peek. We would like to thank SCC Berlin again and hope to see them again soon!


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