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New GameDuell game: Puzzle Garden


The lively honeybee, Kaja, is the star of GameDuell's new game: Puzzle Garden. You’ll be helping her to bring a dream-like glade into full bloom. The efforts of the cheeky little bee are not entirely selfless though.

New GameDuell game: Puzzle GardenIf you’re a particularly quick gardener, a nectar meter will fill up with points that will turn into delicious, sweet drops of honey just for Kaja.


Play Puzzle Garden now!


Playing Puzzle Garden, here’s how!


The goal of the game is to bring a magical meadow into full bloom. Use the mouse to move the flowers to the open flower beds and press the spacebar to rotate the flowers. When a flower bed has been filled, the planted flowers bloom in all their glory.

Tip: If you fill up the flower beds with only one flower color, you can earn a lot of extra points.

The faster you plant the flowers, the better. Your nectar meter will fill up gradually each time you plant flowers within three seconds of each other and you will earn a luscious Series bonus, as well as a few seconds of extra time.


Play Puzzle Garden now!


New GameDuell game: Puzzle Garden


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