Meet our Team Members - Today: Peter from Marketing

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Would you like to get to know some of the people behind your favorite games? Our "Meet our Team Member" posts will introduce you to one of our GameDuell Team Members.

This week we would like to introduce Peter from our Marketing Team!

Meet our Team Members - Today: Peter from Marketing

We all come into contact with marketing every day, even if we don’t realize it: the funny TV commercials, the big signs on the bus stop or even the newsletter we receive daily. That's the bright and shiny side of Marketing. But there's also the deep analysis, the campaign planning and all the meetings.

Someone who knows all that and even more is Peter from our Marketing Team. He has worked at GameDuell for over 10 years and has a lot to tell.

“Hey Peter! Could you briefly introduce yourself? Where do you come from?”Hello there, my name is Peter and I am a “real Berliner”. I was born in East Berlin and was 14 when the wall came down. I am an online game enthusiast and especially like competitive games (eSports), but also online card games – so everything where it's you playing with or against other players.

Someone who's all into games. That is exactly the type of passion we need at GameDuell. But what is Peter actually doing?

"What is your role here at GameDuell?"For the majority of my 11 years here at GameDuell I have been working in the Marketing Team, doing several campaigns from online and print to TV as well as countless partnerships. Because of my strong interest in online card games I also introduced the Skat Masters tournament as an addition to GameDuell´s online Skat in 2006. Since then the best Skat players meet in the yearly TV final here in Berlin and compete for the title.However, over the last four years I have had a stronger focus on product development: I took part in the production of GameDuell´s first cross platform free-to-play game as well as looking into new opportunities and game concepts for mobile games. Recently I moved back to marketing and I am now working on Brand Management & Business Development.Meet our Team Members - Today: Peter from Marketing"Why is GameDuell a great place to work at?"First of all it’s always great if your private interests and passion overlap with your work. GameDuell in particular is a very unique company in the games industry with a great company culture and a very professional and friendly working atmosphere. Communication is very open and you can always approach the three founders (who are still managing the company even after 13 years) directly. Working with a flat hierarchy and still having a well-organized structure is something you don’t come across all the time in internet companies. ;)

Can you enjoy games in your spare time, when you are surrounded by games all day long? Let's ask Peter!

"If you’re not at GameDuell, what do you do in your spare time?"Six years ago my answer would have been: “Playing competitive games of course”. But now as a father of two, it's more like the stuff fathers normally do. :) I still observe the gaming scene quite closely, but rather from a spectator’s perspective (watching professional players play the latest eSports games on Twitch for instance).

We hope you enjoyed our second edition of "Meet our Team Member". If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write to us on Twitter or Facebook. Or just leave a comment! ;)