Interview: Why GameDuell develops cross-platform games for web, social and mobile

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| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

GameDuell is not just talking about cross-platform. For about a year now, the company has been actively developing numerous games which can be played directly on the GameDuell website, on Facebook and on mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.

In this interview, Kai Bolik, co-founder and CEO of GameDuell, reveals just what cross-platform means to GameDuell, why it provides a great added value for players and what GameDuell plans to work on from the new GameDuell office in 2012.

Read the interview with Kai Bolik at

If you would like to experience cross-platform first hand, the game Fluffy is a great way to start:

Play Fluffy on the GameDuell website
Download Fluffy for iOS
Download Fluffy for Android
Play Fluffy on Facebook

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