Grand Gin Rummy opens its doors to a 5-star experience

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GameDuell has launched the first premium synchronous multiplayer Gin Rummy game created by its international games veterans team – featured on the App Store all over the world as one of the best new games

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular card games in North America. Surprisingly, a first-class Gin Rummy experience has not existed for players to enjoy on mobile devices. GameDuell is about to change that. The company has a long history of developing multiplayer card games and continued that tradition by launching Grand Gin Rummy worldwide. Right from start the game was featured on the Apple iOS App Store all over the world as one of the best new games.

Created by an All-Star Team led by International Game Veterans Grand Gin Rummy was designed by a skilled team, led by games industry veterans Todd English, Ian J. Bowden, and Howard Phillips. The three leveraged their combined leadership experience from Popcap, Rockstar, Nintendo, THQ, Microsoft, and Epic Games to define the superior style and gameplay of Grand Gin Rummy.

Grand Gin Rummy opens its doors to a 5-star experience

Technologically the game is based on GameDuell’s own groundbreaking cross-platform game engine that makes it possible to develop for iOS, Android, HTML5 and desktop devices at once. A joint backend infrastructure allows full cross-platform functionality, so that players can play with each other wherever and whenever they feel like – independently from the platform. After the initial mobile version a Facebook canvas version is slated to follow within the coming weeks.

Gin Rummy originated in New York during the 1920s – the time when art and culture flourished and when American cinema entered its golden age. Broadway actors and Hollywood movie stars made Gin Rummy hugely popular by playing the game on and off the stage. GameDuell has recreated the atmosphere of the “roaring twenties” by inviting the player to a gorgeously designed grand hotel styled after some of the most luxurious locations of the time. In this authentic setting, players can meet to enjoy a competitive game of Gin in a relaxed atmosphere. Card game lovers will enjoy four different game modes including the famous “Oklahoma” variant. Players are welcomed into the Grand Gin Rummy hotel with a friendly tutorial and several rounds in the game’s quick mode. Afterwards, players are able to compete against other Gin Rummy enthusiasts from all over the world in synchronous multiplayer matches. For times when players are not connected to the Internet, they can still enjoy a relaxed round of Gin in the game’s offline practice mode. In this mode, players are challenged by skilled A.I. opponents.

Gin Rummy is one of the most beloved and well-known card games in the United States, where combined iOS, App Store and Google Play revenues in the card games category grew by approximately 45% from Q4 2014 to Q4 2015 according to App Annie. “It was about time to create the first premium mobile and Facebook Gin Rummy app for the many fans out there. We are convinced that they will enjoy their Grand Gin Rummy experience as much as we do”, comments Todd English, Head of the Games Production Studio at GameDuell.

Grand Gin Rummy opens its doors to a 5-star experience