Germany Celebrates Reunification Day!

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Germany Celebrates Reunification Day!

The Brandenburger Gate

October 3 is celebrated as Germany's Day of National Unity or Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Today marks the 24th anniversary of the official reunification between the German Democratic Republic (popularly known as East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) as a single and united country.

To commemorate this historic day, celebrations abound through each German state with street festivals and fairs where citizens in traditional costumes participate in popular dances; bands play a variety of music and lots of traditional foods and drinks are served. Most spectacular are the many large firework displays illuminating the evening skylines.

Germany Celebrates Reunification Day!The Reichstag (1991)

Since reunification, both Germany and the city of Berlin have undergone immense and rapid changes politically, economically and physically. Germany is now the largest economy in Europe and our home city Berlin, while it has always attracted artists, musicians and writers, now attracts young and diverse entrepreneurs and is home to many successful startup companies such as GameDuell. Some have even begun referring to Berlin as the “Silicon Valley of Europe”.

We were fortunate to locate a historic photo of the environment of our Berlin headquarters shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Germany Celebrates Reunification Day!

Germany Celebrates Reunification Day!Then and Now: Taubenstraße in 1994 & 2014. Home to the GameDuell Headquarters.

For more perspectives of the many changes to occur since German Reunification, browse these photo galleries by Michael Lange and Spiegel Online.