GameDuell’s Josep Prat at Quo Vadis

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| by Milena Marazopoulos | published under News

GameDuell’s Josep Prat at Quo Vadis


Our HTML 5 Game Architect & Java Lead Developer Josep Prat will hold a lecture at this year’s Game Developer Conference Quo Vadis in Berlin. Quo Vadis is the core event of the International Games Week Berlin taking place from April 8th to 13th 2014).

Josep’s talk will concentrate on the effective use of Java and HTML 5 to create a game client running smoothly on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones – independently from their hardware, controls and screen sizes. He will explain during his speech how to build a performant cross-platform casual game from scratch using HTML 5 and Java. Josep will start by defining what is true cross-platform architecture and will proceed to discuss the available technologies and their advantages and restrictions.

The participants of Josep’s lecture will learn how to build a successful game and to design a cross-platform infrastructure from the outset. Furthermore in this session the listeners will gain insight about which HTML 5 technologies are useful when applying them to a casual game experience. He will demonstrate solutions for the game client architecture applying Java and HTML 5. Josep will conclude his talk with a live demo of a GameDuell cross-platform prototype to showcase an efficient approach for a hands-on usage in development projects.

GameDuell’s Josep Prat at Quo Vadis Josep Prat graduated as a computer science engineer from Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He specializes in frontend development based on JEE and is backend developer of several Facebook games. Besides that he is the responsible software engineer for the backend, frontend and game engine of the GameDuell community platform that host over 60 web games.