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German games provider reveals new brand identity for its second decade. For GameDuell’s 10th Anniversary, the company launches a new company logo.GameDuell launches new logo

For GameDuell’s 10th Anniversary, the company launches a new company logo. The fire and flame in the modernized brand identity represent the unbridled passion for game development and game experience. Since the launch of the first online games on its games portal,, the main focus was the social experience of playing against real opponents. The core of the wide ranging offer is still to provide players with a variety of multiplayer games, fun events, rankings and tournaments, a sophisticated skill matching system, and many other community features to give them a real community experience with thousands of other human players. The primary focus of the internally carried out re-design was to update the brand identity to reflect the increased genre diversity offered by GameDuell in the recent years, and to expand the scope for new target groups. The separation of the word and image brand makes the logo more suitable for the different screen sizes of mobile devices.

With a fresh design into the next 10 years For the future, the team is especially working on offering all players a seamless playing experience across the most popular platforms, regardless of whether they play using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. To make this happen, GameDuell is looking for reinforcement from experienced professionals in the fields of game development and game design, technology, data analysis, product management, graphic design and project management. An overview of the available positions can be found on the company website here.