GameDuell Launches New HTML5 Game for Desktop and Tablets

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Berlin games developer continues development of cross-platform technology

GameDuell enables players to cross the traditional platform boundaries. The company has just launched its third cross-platform game, Roll 5, developed with the new web standard HTML5. This tricky strategy game is played directly in a browser window making the game available for both computers and tablets independent of manufacturer and operating system. The same game experience is offered to those playing the multiplayer game with a keyboard and mouse or with their touch screen tablet.

GameDuell Launches New HTML5 Game for Desktop and Tablets

In addition to Roll 5, GameDuell offers two further cross-platform titles on their recently launched mobile portal: Crazy Eights and Belote, the latter only available in France. After registering, players can use their account for the HTML5 games on all their devices. In contrast to native games apps, user data and player statistics can be accessed across all platforms The GameDuell game lobby hosts players from all supported devices, allowing for an intuitive cross-platform game experience, connecting users playing from their computer or mobile device.

A seamless gaming experience through Cross-Platform games

GameDuell’s mission statement is to bring people together to have a good time with games – wherever, whenever and regardless of platform. Staying true to this, all new GameDuell web projects will use the new Internet standard HTML5 to ensure availability for mobile devices. “Five percent of GameDuell users are already registering through their mobile device, a trend which is on the rise. The success of our recent HTML5 games demonstrates the advantages of our cross-platform development strategy”, commented Kai Bolik, CEO of GameDuell.

GameDuell Launches New HTML5 Game for Desktop and Tablets

In order to offer its players a seamless gaming experience, GameDuell has been experimenting with new cross-platform technologies for several years. After releasing Bubble Speed in 2012, which connected Facebook to iOS players, the company launched their first HTML5 cross-platform games, Crazy Eights and Belote, in early 2014.

The new web standard has revolutionized the development of web applications for desktop and mobile devices by using a common programming base. It enables GameDuell to develop complex animations and controls that are only programmed once and can then be run on different devices.