GameDuell is moving, showing that TV was yesterday - online games are today

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Change is in the air at GameDuell! Not only because a new year has just begun and our resolution is to continue to work with full dedication to be the best gaming platform in the world, but also because we moved to a new location!

GameDuell is moving, showing that TV was yesterday - online games are today

This is the third relocation in Berlin for our beloved game company. You may have visited our previous home in the stately loft offices in Prenzlauerberg. We are now enjoying a more “corporate style” in the heart of Mitte, a stone's throw from the famous Friedrichstraße and the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt. We proudly announce our new address: Taubenstraße 24/25, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

As of January 23rd, we have replaced the old tenants, employees of "Sat 1", a well-known German TV channel, and the popular football magazine "Ran." It is a perfect fit, considering the work ahead in GameDuell's newly renovated building is to drive growth.

Bright, spacious, and featuring a large lounge area with table tennis, billiards and a karaoke bar, are just some highlights of the new soundproofed offices. Every effort was made to ensure the workplace was warm and comfortable and that all of the equipment was up and running on time. These facilities were important in order to further support the GameDuell motto: "Those who work hard win the right to have fun!"

In the summer time, the terrace is spacious enough for a few barbecues. With the air conditioning installed, the 170 GameDuell employees can keep a cool head, aspiring to give you more enjoyment of the game.

Television was yesterday, online games are today

GameDuell is moving, showing that TV was yesterday - online games are todayThe move is also symbolic one. Today, the question is no longer which new TV channel will take the place of the old studios of "Sat 1," but rather which Berlin internet start-up company?
Since online games are the new television, it seems a logical progression that the platform for the most popular online games in Germany moves into the former location of the best known German TV channel.

Taking that into consideration, it is not a coincidence that GameDuell moved into the office complex of a previous television studio, because the last few years have shown: Online games are the new TV.

Today, some studies show that television is losing its appeal and online games are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason: when playing online, there is a similar comfort in watching TV, but with the added benefits of remaining active and staying in touch with friends.

Television has lost its fascination and become, especially for young people, something used more for background atmosphere. On the other hand, online games are becoming more popular because it is always engaging and simultaneously provides social contact with friends. According to a study by TV magazin "TVSpielfilm," when asked the question what most disturbs the viewers about their favourite pastime, almost 50% of respondents replied:

Interestingly, online games just do not have these drawbacks. In order to play the available skill games on GameDuell, staying active is a necessity.

For those who would like to develop their skills, having an opponent to measure against is a real asset: the "challenge" factor is prominent. If trouble rears its head, simply change the game. The choices are seemingly endless!GameDuell is moving, showing that TV was yesterday - online games are todayIn addition, you learn to solve problems, find solutions and develop strategies. At which time and on what game, is left up to you! You can literally play online 24/7/365.

Games connect people

It is important to note that online games today are often more popular than TV programs running on prime time television. The record holder to date, America’s “Dancing with the Stars,” could attract 21 million viewers. But at the same time, 33 million people are playing online games with their friends.

In conclusion, television was yesterday and online games are today! GameDuell is looking forward to thriving in the new office! Pictures will follow soon.

Update:Find pictures from our new office here.