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Tactical garden maze game for animal fans released. It’s all hedges and mazes at GameDuell! The Berlin based developer has released its new strategy game ‘Animal Maze’.

Berlin, 18.07.2013 In the lovingly designed game, two, three or four players compete online to free lost animals from a maze of hedges.

Players make their way to the cuddly animals by skillfully turning and pushing tiles into the maze. Only those who combine the tile pieces creatively can reach the trapped animals and outmaneuver their opponents.

‘Animal Maze’ is the first GameDuell game to run on a completely redesigned game server architecture that optimizes the in-game multiplayer experience.

The new browser game can be played in English, German, French, Swedish and Dutch and is available on the community website . After a quick online registration players can enjoy ‘Animal Maze’ and around 60 other online games.

Think ahead to stay ahead

In GameDuell's new online game, ‘Animal Maze’, only clever maze enthusiasts will manage to find a way through the intricately designed landscapes of hedges. The opponent’s unexpected moves continuously create new game situations, pushing players to always think ahead. They can use their own moves to block their opponents or even push them off the board.

Smart hedgehogs think strategically to stay one step ahead of their opponents. A video tutorial helps players to get into the strategic labyrinth puzzle. An in-game chat feature allows direct communication with other players during the game. The first player to free all their animals and return to their starting position wins the game.

„The team put a lot of effort into designing the hand drawn garden scenery and the 24 different little animals. Animal Maze is the ideal online puzzle game for anyone who enjoys tactical, turn-based board games”, Peter Harmjanz, Producer Community Games at GameDuell, commented upon release of the game.

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