GameDuell: A Legacy of Corporate Responsibility

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Ever since the founding of GameDuell back in 2003, a cornerstone of our business model has been a commitment to our fans, team members and community. As we grew to become one of the largest online gaming communities in the world, that commitment has never wavered but only grown larger and stronger.

Our Community Impact

GameDuell: A Legacy of Corporate Responsibility

We believe in helping those who are socially in need and as such, we donate a substantial amount to many varied and worthwhile causes such as educational, disaster relief and children needs. Team members are actively encouraged to donate to a recognized public charity of their choice after which GameDuell matches their donation up to 500 Euros per year.

We also strongly believe in properly educating the millions of players who play across our gaming platforms each day on a healthy online gaming life.

Our Commitment to SustainabilityGameDuell: A Legacy of Corporate Responsibility

Today, we continue to integrate sustainable practices across our business with an emphasis on using our resources responsibly. A major achievement was moving our IT infrastructure to a data center operated exclusively with certified green energy. Some other small steps we’ve undertaken are:

  • Using recyclable paper and limiting our printing needs
  • Buying fair trade coffee and tea
  • Serving only organically produced fruits, vegetables and muesli (cereal) in our office kitchen
  • Properly sorting and recycling waste
  • Encouraging team member to bike to work and collaborating with car sharing providers

A Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

GameDuell: A Legacy of Corporate Responsibility

Happy, healthy team members are better able to address our players’ concerns, are more innovative and creative which leads to the creation of the many fun and exciting games GameDuell is known for!

GameDuell supports flexible working hours, ergonomic work stations, and weekly back training classes. Team members who are passionate about running sometimes do so during their lunch breaks either alone or in groups. During the summer months, team members can enjoy a weekly volleyball session after work.

While we are proud of the progress we’ve made, we’re aware that there is still a lot more to be done and will continue working to get better every day.