Blog - FREE Game EVERY DAY at GameDuell in September!

FREE Game EVERY DAY at GameDuell in September!

08.09.2014 | by Robert | published under 


The monthly free game calendar is underway at GameDuell! For the entire month of September, players will be challenged by the Joker to a free daily duel! Each day a different game will pose another challenge. If players defeat the Joker, they can earn free GameDuell currency which can be used to play other duels.


To increase their chances of successfully trouncing the Joker, players should first play a training duel by selecting the “Practice First” option which will appear after revealing the free game of the day. There are no limits on how many training duels can be played but the free duel must be played before the end of the calendar day.


The free game calendar is available on the GameDuell community platform.