Blog - Find the pirate's treasure with GameDuell's Capt'n Torch!

Find the pirate's treasure with GameDuell's Capt'n Torch!


Argh! All hands on deck, you landlubbers! Hunt for valuable diamonds in GameDuell’s new game Capt’n Torch. A whole arsenal of pirate-strength tricks are at your disposal.

Are you ready for the treasure trove? Play Capt’n Torch now!


How does it work?


In Capt’n Torch, there are diamonds in five different colors. You can collect these gemstones when at least three of the same color are positioned next to each other on the game field.

To do this, a good eye and a quick index finger is required, because the time is ticking: you only have 80 seconds!

The pyro meter:

Decisive in this game is the pirate punch that the Capt’n brews for you in the pyro meter when you clear enough diamonds within a short period of time.

Then the playing field catches fire and every successful click is followed by an explosion that impacts your score!

Tips & Tricks:

Overconfidence is not rewarded! If you click on a diamond that is not connected to at least two others of its color, points will be deducted! Apart from that, every diamond group that successfully explodes, results in 10 points and a dancing Capt’n!


The five boosts:


So that the diamonds move over to your score even faster, the old rascal Capt’n Torch has thought up a few tricks.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose three from five possible boosts. They will simplify your hunt for the diamonds over the course of the game.

Note: All boosts have the same value, but help you in different ways.


If you require more time, choose the hourglass: it will give you an additional 10 seconds of playing time.

The bomb brings quick help. With it you can clear all of the diamonds around the bomb irrespective of their color.

The color bomb works in the opposite manner: it causes only diamonds of a certain color to explode, but explodes all of these diamonds on the playing board - not just the ones near the bomb. This not only generates points, but also creates a lot of movement on the game field.

The fiery punch bowl is a good choice for a quick finger: with it you can make the pyro meter go even faster.

The multiplier allows you to collect double the points right from the start whenever you clear diamonds marked ‘x2.’

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