Cold, Colder, Polar Stars - GameDuell's Galactic New Game

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| by Jonas | published under News , Games , GameDuell

Winter’s back and the cold winds have blown in an icy, new winter-themed game: Polar Stars. Freezing has never been so much fun! This cool addition to our hot library of games has definitely become a favorite among our team.

In Polar Stars, you’re dropped right into the middle of a frosty wonderland near the North Pole. Your mission is to clear groups of two or more like-colored stars to reveal smaller, white pointer stars. Once all pointer stars have been cleared, a constellation will appear and you’ll proceed to the next level. If you get snowed in, just use one of the jokers to help clear the screen.

Polar Stars is easy to learn. Even rookies can pick up the mouse and start playing immediately. And for those of you who prefer warming up first, click here for the rules and valuable tips and tricks.

Cold, Colder, Polar Stars - GameDuell's Galactic New Game