Bringing People Together to Have a Good Time! How Does This Work Right Now? (Part One)

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Especially in times like these, it is very important to keep focused and remind ourselves of our mission: “Bringing people together to have a good time with games”. But does it only work with games? - NO! If we have learned one thing from our time in isolation, it’s that virtual meetings via video call are not only there for keeping everybody updated, they are also a lot of fun. Whether we meet virtually to do yoga in our team members' garden, have our kids pull a face, or we totally fail at singing birthday songs, even with a karaoke tool, we always do it with a smile on our face and a good laugh.
Bringing people together to have a good time! How does this work right now? (Part one)

We at GameDuell believe to achieve this mission (even a little bit different now), we need to live our company values daily and that is what we are trying right now as well.

Proactive & Responsible - We are proactive and responsible
Because we are responsible for the safety and health of our team members, we switched to working from home as soon as possible and tried to make a smooth transition. Also, all newbies start with virtual training and our recruiting process changed to being virtual. We still take care of the plants in the office and on our terrace, they get watered regularly.

Team Spirit - We all contribute to a positive and fun team spirit
Having fun and a good team spirit are part of GameDuell’s DNA. That’s why we haven’t given up all of our office routine meetings and still meet up every Friday with the whole team for a company update and our all-beloved birthday singing. Even though we are still working on our singing careers, we give our best to celebrate our birthday kids. We also make time for non work related meetings by knotting our tongues in German classes or breaking the couch potato habit with some yoga and back training. For the positive spirit, we check in with our colleagues regularly to let them know we are there to talk and ready to listen, prepare little gestures, and maybe even let the Easter Bunny hop by with a little surprise.

Customer Experience - We focus on a superior customer experience
Togetherness gets more and more important in times of worry. Finding ways for our players to stay connected and bringing people together to have a good time with games became even more our number one priority.

Innovation & Mistakes - We create innovation and stay flexible
Special circumstances often lead to special measures. Since for all of us it is the first time to work from home for such a long period, we need to be flexible and find new ways for our infrastructure, meetings, and working processes.

Learn & Improve - We strive to learn and become better every day
Making detours to find the best ways is inevitable. The first steps to learn from our mistakes are to identify them and acknowledge other points of view, testing out different ways and improving ourselves constantly to the best way that works for us.

Bringing people together to have a good time! How does this work right now? (Part one)

The current situation makes it urgently necessary for everybody to stay informed about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and take action. We are lucky that our team is able to work from home, so five weeks ago we decided to recommend working from home to prevent a possible infection.