Berlin Mini Game Jam at GameDuell

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Berlin Mini Game Jam at GameDuell

GameDuell hosted the monthly meet up of the Berlin Mini Game Jam on Saturday July 26th. With around 80 artists, game designers, coders and programmers from many different countries and age range present, this was the largest Berlin Mini Game Jam to date.

As a spin-off event of Global Game Jam, it’s a one day prototyping workshop where particular themes are chosen at the beginning of the event to quickly create new games around. Attendees either choose to work in groups or go solo to create concepts and prototypes.

The themes for this game jam were: Crossing the desert, local multi-player and games with procedural created stages. With more than enough room in our spacious lounge and meeting areas, participants eagerly set to work on creating their prototypes on computer, mobile devices or even toy guitars.

Berlin Mini Game Jam at GameDuellBerlin Mini Game Jam at GameDuell

At the end of this creative and exciting game jam, 20 games were built and demonstrated to the audience. The projects varied in range from a traditional real card game to a more modern Space Invaders using Oculus Rift.

The full presentation of prototypes and concepts can be viewed below.

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