Blog - Berlin meets Poland to discuss marketing strategies in the games industry

Berlin meets Poland to discuss marketing strategies in the games industry


On June 25, 2015 GameDuell hosted the BERLIN meets POLAND Roundtable. About 50 developers, publishers and marketing specialists of various games companies and representatives of industry associations and the political sphere discussed their experiences and strategies for user acquisition and online marketing.


Berlin meets Poland to discuss marketing strategies in the games industry


Five Polish and German panel speakers including our GameDuell Co-Founder and Marketing Director Boris Wasmuth shared their expertise with a view to the German and Polish markets. Karsten Bubinger, Director of Advertiser Management at crobo, presented a keynote, before Cornelia Geppert, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Jo-Mei, Tim Nilsson, CEO at glispa and the Polish speakers Lukasz Hacura, CEO at Anshar Studios, and Jakub Duda, Founder of Incuvo shared their opinions at the discussion that was moderated by Michael Liebe, Ambassador at berlinbrandenburg.


The year 2015 – overall, the future is looking pretty positive for the games industry in Europe. About a third of the population plays games regularly and in gaming history, it has never been so easy to reach billions of possible players on their smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and consoles around the globe. Yet, it has also never been so challenging to prevail against an increasing number of competitors. So, simply creating a great game is not enough in order to stand up to these challenges. Developing tailor-made marketing strategies that fit budgets, are workable and suit a product’s needs, and using the right tools to implement them is inevitable for acquiring users and monetizing the games. To do so, many decisions have to be made – from the choice between in house solutions, external agencies and publishers to the composition of a proper toolset to monitor and evaluate big data and real time traffic.


Besides these topics, new technologies like Virtual Reality and Smartwatches were addressed in the open talks as well. Yet, the mass market potential of such devices was evaluated very differently by the participants. However, glispa CEO Tim Nilsson does not see Android’s and Apple’s dominance as acquisition channels altered in the near future, although he expects some more fragmentation due to developments by other companies like Amazon and Microsoft.


Concerning user acquisition through Social Media Marketing, Boris Wasmuth sees room for improvement: “Just being retweeted and shared and being on some blogs will not bring us to a higher level. That is only the sugar on the cake. First we have to undergo a very strong analytical process and after that we put some PR and Social Media on top.”


The Roundtable discussion and joint outlook to the future proved fruitful. Collaborations between Germany and Poland are promising and should continue to be fostered, as the specific know-how of both countries complements each other very well. The Polish industry can learn from German and especially Berlin-based companies such as GameDuell that are experienced and internationally leading in marketing of web and mobile games. The other way around, Polish companies can provide the expertise they gained with numerous globally successful productions of the recent years and knowledge about commercialization in the Eastern European market.


The Roundtable was established by (a unit within Berlin-Brandenburg) to create a platform for networking and exchange of c-level management in games companies.


More information on Berlin meets Poland can be found on the initiative's website.






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