At GameDuell, Every Day is an International Soccer Day

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| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

Since the very first day of the European soccer championship in the Ukraine and Poland, we have had our own public viewing area set up in our GameDuell lounge.

It was in these very same rooms that the famous German television channel Sat.1 filmed Germany's most watched soccer show "Ran". In the meantime, we’ve exchanged television cameras for a screen and projector in order to follow Europe’s best teams live.

Soccer fever, however, is not a once-a-week occurrence whenever Germany plays, but rather something we experience every day.

France, Spain, England... every team is cheered on in turn, because at GameDuell, a total of 17 different nationalities are represented.

It has therefore always made sense for us to use English as the official company language, ever since GameDuell’s founding. This has certainly also helped to attract the best team members from around the world.

At GameDuell, Every Day is an International Soccer Day