Blog - A Trip Around the World – Our GameDuell Summer Party 2017

A Trip Around the World – Our GameDuell Summer Party 2017

02.08.2017 | by Keshia | published under Events, GameDuell, Berlin

Although it hasn’t been the warmest of summers so far, we managed to pick a lovely day for our annual summer party. On July 21, our whole team went on a little trip around the world and it all took place at the beautiful Oberhafen Kantine in Berlin!

On the afternoon of Friday, July 21, we all traveled to the Oberhafen Kantine in Berlin for our annual summer party. However, since GameDuell is a games company, we couldn’t just do a normal BBQ and beer party! We, of course, had to play games and this year we traveled the world to play 9 different games from 9 different countries:

We went to Finland to see who could throw their rain boots the farthest,

Visited Egypt to “catch sticks”,

Stopped by Japan to play a few rounds of “rock, paper, scissors, hit!”

And tried to find the person who could hold a “Maßkrug” the longest, just to name a few!

We all had a fantastic time getting to know fun games from all around the world and filling our passports with lots and lots of stamps.

Plus, what is a staple of any good summer party? Grilling and drinks of course! Our amazing caterer prepared lots of delicious food, including something for the vegetarians, and made coming home from our trip much, much easier ;)

If you want to be a part of our next awesome team event, take a look at the open positions we have right now and we might see you there ;)