Blog - A Fun and Spooky Halloween Party at GameDuell!

A Fun and Spooky Halloween Party at GameDuell!

08.11.2017 | by Mamady | published under Inside - Blog posts, Events, GameDuell

Friday, October 27, was the day of the year when the giant Fluffy Ghost watched over our pretty epic annual Halloween Party at the office.

Along with their family and friends, all GameDuell team members were welcomed to celebrate a spooky and frightening Friday night. For many, the first surprise awaited them in the haunted elevator where a fortune teller asked them to choose a tarot card to reveal their fate.

Walking through the spider and bat infested corridor, it was not a light at the end of the tunnel that we could see, but the dark and shady graveyard in our lounge. A fearsome and diverse dinner was prepared where our team was sure to find something to their liking.

Our team members and their loved ones dressed up in daunting disguises which resulted in packs of half-dead vampires, covens of flying witches, groups of underworld demons and many more spooky characters dancing through the night. Those who needed it could get a final touch-up from our professional face painters.

The little ones had lots of fun with the professional child care with whom they could play “Can Knockdown”, color pictures or have some intense egg-and-spoon races.

To top it off, the mysterious fortune teller returned to take a seat at the Grand Gin Rummy Hotel and invited us to his Ouija board.

It was indeed another successful Halloween party at GameDuell. If all that sounds like fun to you then check out our current job openings, join our team and take part in our next event!